1. The Suncoast East Coast Big Walk is open to everyone who can walk the 5 kilometres or 10 kilometres in their own time. It is not a race.
  2. This walk is a family fun event.
  3. Entries cost is R150 per person. Please visit and enter on the Suncoast East Coast Big Walk event page. Both Credit, Debit Cards and EFT payments are accepted.
  4. The EFT payment method will be auto cancelled If no payment is received after 36 hours from entry; and you would need to re-enter.
  5. All entrants must enter for the event online and select whether they will participate in the 5km or 10km walk. The Suncoast East Coast Big Walk will take place from 7:00 (7am) on Sunday, 26 May 2024 at the Durban Marine Parade.
  6. All entrants must register to receive their number, free T-shirt, and goodie bag. Number collection will take place at the Suncoast Dome:
    • Thursday 23 May 2024 from 10:00 (10am) to 19:00 (7pm)
    • Friday 24 May 2024 from 10:00 (10am) to 19:00 (7pm)
    • Saturday 25 May 2024 from 10:00 (10am) to 14:00 (2pm)
  1. There is no entry fee for children under the age of 5 years. Please note, no T-shirt will therefore be allocated as this is not a paid entry. We have T-shirts in kids’ sizes 5 to 12 years, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large and XXX Large.
  2. Entrants under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult and in doing so, the supervising adult/s take full responsibility for these entrants for the entire duration of the event. 
  3. No late entries or number collection will be permitted after Saturday, 25 May 2024.
  4. Each entrant will receive a Number to pin on to their t-shirt.
  5. All entrants enter the event at their own risk.
  6. Entrants must accept and adhere to safety instructions given by the traffic officials, and event organisers or their representatives.
  7. Should the event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the organisers or sponsors control, NO REFUND of the entry fee will be issued.
  8. Enter online:
  9. Credit, debit cards and EFT payments will be accepted for online entries.

Terms & Conditions


All information provided by entrants is deemed to be true and correct. Entrants confirm that they are fit and healthy enough to complete the 5 kilometres or 10 kilometres in their own time. They confirm that they understand that there may be risks related to walking on public roads and pavements. The organisers, sponsors and other stakeholders will not be held liable for any injuries or other claims.

Entrants will abide by the rules and conditions of the event and will obey instructions from traffic officials, the South African Police Services or Metro police.

All entrants grant permission in terms of section 51 of the electronics communication transactions act 25 of 2002 for the free use of images of them participating in the event by means of photographs, video tapes, broadcasts and telecasts. All personal information will remain confidential in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPI Act).

If the participant is a minor, (younger than 18), he or she may not participate unless his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have agreed to be bound by these terms.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at Suncoast East Coast,


Any dispute by the parties involved in the event should be resolved through negotiation wherever possible. Notice of dispute should be given in writing. The objective is to settle the dispute within 10 (ten) business days from date of receipt of the notification.

If the dispute is not resolved through negotiation, it can be referred by either or both parties to the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (“AFSA”) for administered mediation, upon the terms set by the AFSA Secretariat.

Neither party may withdraw from this clause relating to dispute resolution. This does not, however, restrict the right of the parties to this agreement to approach competent court for relief in the case where urgent relief is required.


Any dispute is to be settled in accordance with the legal structure of the Republic of South Africa.

POPI Compliance

  1. The Suncoast East Coast Big Walk will require certain personal information in order to process your entry into the Suncoast East Coast Big Walk and your requirements. The information will only be used for the purpose of the Big Walk.
  2. It will only be shared with third party for purposes directly related to the Suncoast East Coast Big Walk.
  3. By providing this information you certify that it has been provided to Suncoast East Coast by you voluntarily.
  4. Failure to share the information will mean that it will not be possible to process your entry into the Suncoast East Coast Big Walk.
  5. Participants may access their personal particulars, which are in the possession of the organisers, in order to update it if necessary.
  6. Any complaints about the handling of your information should be lodged with the office of the Information Regulator, at